Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today is the last day of my Zach’s unit tests – Chemistry – and bar a small meltdown just before the papers, it has been okay. Largely because I am outsourcing: I only deal with English Language, English Literature, History and Geography; the other subjects have been divided between three efficient tutors. The decibel levels in the house have dropped. Thank you for your support, especially you guys who have to live with me at work... Unit-test time is ugly, but I am under observation and getting better, thank you.
So just a few quick updates:
I met my old gal pal Anita Menon-Harding in office two weeks ago. She’s the one who calls me Rosebud – and can you think of anyone less suited to that name? And she brought from the UK special barbecue flavour baked beans for Zach, along with a whole lot of other gorgeous sauce and gravy mixes. And yes, Annie (and Robert, of course), we have eaten the beans – on microwave-baked potatoes. And they were very, very good. No pics though, we ate them before we thought of it.
While the leadership team, as they call it, was away (more on that in another post), the Lonely Planet Magazine India team back in the office was hard at work – creating South Park-like caricatures for all of us. I love mine (the first visual in this post) – most of you know how bang-on it is.
My current net game addiction is Bejeweled. Search for it, play it. You’ll know why.
And because I’ve been a bit needy vulnerable these last few weeks, I really liked this para that came up on Facebook: I push doors that say `pull’, I laugh harder when I try to explain, I walk in a room and forget why, I count on my fingers in math class even after using a calculator, I lie sometimes to hide the pain, I cry a lot more than you think I do (yeah, yeah!), I'm not so strong as I seem to be, I get attached to people who care even a little about me, a broken nail's as painful as a broken heart (nah!), I say it's a long story when it's not, I always care more than I can should.
May the force be with all of us!


  1. Hi Prima,

    Even I face this problem with doors that says 'pull'. Another problem I face, is when I have to give directions to the cab driver - 'left turn' or 'right turn'...... I have to look at my hands first and then given him the directions.... its very embarrassing.....

  2. 1. You got the hottest South Park person by far, too!
    2. The support we (or me, at least) occasionally provide is nothing compared to the support we (or me) are constantly given.
    3. We are still overdue our "let's make a mess of Prima's kitchen" date!


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