Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best foot forward... cautiously

Gok Wan courtesy asia.bbcentertainment.com
The man I’m hearting right now – in keeping with the language of the girls in the office – is Gok Wan. We get Gok’s Fashion Fix on BBC Entertainment. For those of you who have not watched the series, here’s what happens: Gok’s fashionista pal Brix Smith Start (and I worry about my name!) puts together four looks with designer togs, and Gok works his equivalents from the British High Street. They have a face-off in Selfridges and shoppers vote – blind – on whether they like High End or High Street.
Gok also convinces a Brit celeb each time to try stuff off the High Street. I forward my way through these segments (yes, yes, we have a glorious recording facility on Hathway).
What I really like is the Rotherham testers part – big, and I mean BIG girls (size 16 to 28) – trying out and grading different coats, jeans, boots, formal dresses. I haven’t really met anyone else who believes large girls deserve nice clothes.
And I love the capsule wardrobe he puts together each episode. Basically, he takes this one woman, with some sort of fashion problem (wearing only black, buying rubbish on sale, not saying no to hand-me-downs), and he strings ALL her clothes on clotheslines in community halls, along the beach, down the village main street. Then, he helps her put together a 24-piece capsule wardrobe (okay, so he gives it to her) that she can mix and match to have something to wear for every occasion. Every time I watch an episode, I decide I’m going to have a capsule wardrobe. I go forth to shop. And find nothing. As of now, my capsule wardrobe consists of two pairs of the same black trousers from Marks & Spencer (I got them for Rs 300 each!), one yellow blouse from Cotton World, and one green embroidered tunic-y thing and one blue embroidered shirt from Gia at Westside. Thank God I haven’t thrown all my other clothes out. 
And three pairs of new shoes, two of which are heels! I am now wearing heels – small kitten heels, I must admit – after 12 years, 10 months. I know that period so well because that’s when I got pregnant with Zach.
So here: my first pair. I like them!


  1. Anupa Mathias Prabhu2 July 2011 at 21:51

    super like the shoes prima! and your blog :)

  2. And yet, you always manage to send me home with a bagful of (very pretty) clothes that I should not have purchased.
    Tcch, Prima.

    But, the quest continues


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