Friday, May 06, 2011

Zach’s Birthday: Need your suggestions

Zach will be 12 on May 15! Unimaginable almost.
Anyway, while he is in Mangalore – exploring the neighbourhood, playing with his uncle Sujay who is some four months younger than him, the new dog Simple, a tree house of sorts Dada has had him built, and generally running riot – I am planning what I hope will be his last organised birthday party. He will be a teenager next year!
So, I’ve decided we’re having a Charlie Chaplin party. Perhaps because I’ve bought the return gifts and they are Chaplin DVDs. It seems a good way to start planning a party, right?
So this is what I have:
·         Decor – black and white balloons, white streamers, white plates, spoons, forks, etc; black napkins
·         Activities -- watching a Chaplin revue (none of the shorts are on any of the return gifts, I checked), taking an easy quiz on the movie, a dress-up corner (to paint on the toothbrush moustache), a photo shoot corner with props like the walking stick, bowler hat and bow tie...
·         Return gifts – Chaplin DVDs, wrapped in black and white newspaper and tied with black ribbon
·         And ta da, the food
Here’s where I need your suggestions: I’m looking for black and white food.
  • Bianca will make me a black and white cake. Bi?
  • I was also thinking of Oreo sundaes – vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreos (now in India!) and some black candy from Crawford Market.
Then I’m stuck. Help!
Please post your suggestions urgently!


  1. Black olives and cheese/ chicken..... on a toothpick
    white bread and (if all are eating beef) roast beef sandwiches (looks closest to B & W heehee!!)
    and then let me think.....

  2. Hopefully these help (I googled them! :D) :
    coke floats
    b/w jelly beans
    B/W penguins (doubt the kids would like cream cheese and olives though!)
    I cant believe he's going to be a teen soon!! Good luck with the party Prima! :)

  3. Pizza with cheese and black olives, which the kids will probably pick out, but us girls will be thrilled that it fits in with the theme!

    Love the photoshoot corner....

  4. Some more ideas from a party site...

    Bowls of black olives; cubes of white cheese with toothpicks;

    Popcorn and chocolate covered popcorn;

    Black and white Jelly Bellies or jellybeans.

  5. Hey you guys!
    Love all the suggestions! Thanks so much. Wish you both, Viv and Anala, could be here for this birthday! Aleta, thank God you will be!

  6. You could try tadgolas (ice apples);black & white & in season.
    For activities, how about mononcromatic drawing/painting?

  7. Sounds exciting! How about a dark chocolatey custard with mini white marshmallows floating in it? You could also try button mushrooms and baby corn stir fried in salt, pepper & butter - it would give an almost black & white effect. And then, you have the stark black & white bullseye sweets we used to get ages ago.


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