Saturday, May 07, 2011


Lynette Terese Monteiro
Growing up, I drove my mother mad. She challenged, I parried. She questioned, I stonewalled. I had righteousness, and some amount of youthful deviousness, on my side. As an adult, I have a relationship I value with my mom. We talk. She surprises me with how with the times she is. I love how she supports me, in decisions, in what I’m doing at work, when I am unwell, how she loves my husband. How she does not interfere with how I raise my son, even when I am doing it by trial and error. I still haven’t fully recovered from being asked, on Colaba Causeway, how, when my mother is so good-looking, I’ve turned out like this! But my mother’s beauty is not just on her face, it is in the person she is. I know I’m on the right path when I find I’m thinking/ acting like my mother.
Ma, if I don’t tell you well enough, thank you for being you and making me who I am today.

Grace D'Souza
And to my other mother, the one I received as a bonus when I married Kevin, thank you. With Dad, you shaped Zach’s first years, you potty trained him, you gave him his first values. When my parents moved to Mangalore, I never felt the lack of family because of you. And thank you too, for your son. I can confidently say I got the best trained of your boys – he never shied away from diaper changing, bottom washing and midnight feedings. Thank you.

And after all that soppy stuff, over to the rest of you. Don’t forget to wish your mom – or mom-in-law. You don’t need cards or gifts (I say that because I neglected to get any!), just a voice and a telephone line, or, if you’re lucky, a hug.


  1. Prima : I salute you !! Am so utterly privileged to have YOU as a friend. You may recall when I was in Bangalore, you had asked me to write a snippet to my mom for a Mother's Day issue (for Femina). You CANNOT imagine how happy she was when she read that article & if I've not said this before, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that opportunity. It meant more than you will ever know. KD & Zach are super lucky to have you. Happy Mother's Day. Tons of love, Tricia

  2. Prima,so beautifully expressed,meaning every word that you have penned. Averil

  3. Tricia sweetheart, thank you for your kind words. I know I'm super lucky to have Kevin and Zach, and friends like you. Even before I married Kevin, you gathered me into your fold without reservation and it really meant -- and continues to mean -- a lot to me. Thank you. Also great to hear how much that little piece meant to Auntie and you. So much of life, I believe, is about grabbing every opportunity to tell someone significant how much we care.

  4. lovely write up. you're blessed to have both the mums :)
    enjoy them - always!


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