Tuesday, May 03, 2011

CRAFTY CALL: Flip-flop straps

A flip-flop back straps tutorial from Make it and Love It
I am a Google Reader addict. Every morning, after I’ve looked at my Gmail for the earthshaking mail that will have gathered overnight, I click on the Reader tab and look at all the new goodies on offer from my bloggers across the world. They don’t know me, but I  know them. How ominous does that sound? Yeah, yeah, I know you  know that I’m cooking, that Zach is in Mangalore (oops, did I just reveal that?), and that I’m not really going to the gym because going through my Google Reader and blogging is more fun…
So, I want to share something that my Google Reader offered me a few days ago. It’s these little Interchangeable back straps for little girls’ flip-flops on Make It and Love It (makeit-loveit.com) that make me want to go have another baby – and a little girl this time. I love them, and since I just had to go and leave a comment on that blog, I now know each time someone else loves them and comments on them too!
Will one of you guys out there with little girls make them and share the pics with this blog? Vaneeta? Ari?

And yes, now that you know Zach is in Mangalore, let me tell you how he flew as an unaccompanied minor. I asked him just before they took him from me if he was worried and he said he thought it would be a great adventure. What he was worried about was how he would finish reading Eragon before he got back to Bombay on the 13th… On the flight, he refused the snack they offered because he wanted “to eat the pizza my mother has given me” (only because his grandmother insisted I do, I assure you), and Ma says he came into the arrivals hall in Mangalore waving like a returning celebrity. Well then!

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  1. The cutest straps ever... will experiment making some when I come to Mumbai in May :-)


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