Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Another Easter. As rushed as ever. I always feel that I am able to more give Christmas its due than I do Easter, perhaps because at Christmas, I force commit myself to getting Zach’s friends together for the Advent Wreath Candle Lighting ceremony each Sunday through Advent. There is something wonderful about little children – and especially boys on the cusp of adolescence – articulating what they will do to welcome Christ. Promises of “I will not tell lies”, with the underlying admission that lies have already been told, made before a bunch of peers and mothers, are very touching. Especially since they are voluntary.

Still, Easter and the Holy Week Triduum (for those who are not Catholic, this includes Maundy Thursday [the day we commemorate the Last Supper], Good Friday, and Holy Saturday/ Easter Sunday). There is, as always, the joy of singing with the Cathedral Choir. I like singing on Maundy Thursday, but only after the quintet sung during the washing of the feet. Because I sing the solo Alto 3 voice in that quintet, and because last year, I FORGOT to sing my part and sang the melody line with the first soloist for one whole verse. Those of you who know my control freakiness and paranoid personality can easily imagine the amount of talking to myself I had to do this year. Still, went well.  
Good Friday was a busy day. We went to the Three Hours’ Agony (see earlier post), which meditates on the Seven Last Words of Christ, from 12 noon to 3pm (the time given for Christ’s Death on the Cross), and to the Mass in the evening, which in keeping with the solemnity of the day, was sung without musical accompaniment (a cappella). And then back home, and waiting for that limbo day in the middle – Holy Saturday, till the Easter Vigil service at 8pm (not 10pm as earlier, because the powers-that-be seem to think Catholics are great trouble makers and should not be left out too late at night), with its dramatic darkness, and then the lighting of all candles from the new light of the Easter Candle. 

Christ is Risen, Alleluia! To all of you, the Joy of the Risen Lord, and many blessings!*

So we have had a somewhat faith-filled Holy Week, and as always with God, a chance to resolve to grow closer to Him. 
Keep me in your prayers; we all need to grab the chance to grow closer to God.

And after that solemn note, let me show you the Easter eggs we made together: the eggs in nests of chocolate flakes above, and bigger Easter eggs themselves (not in the photograph) – all because my friend Bianca, the Cordon Bleu graduate, is back with us for two months. We reaped the fruit of her labour and it was delicious. The very cute Mr Nonsense egg in the photograph is from The Baking Tray (9821694917), given to Zach by his good friend Mikhail, or rather Mikhail's mom Lincy. 
Incidentally, I discovered that I cannot really shape marzipan eggs; mine look like apples. Zach’s sometimes look like goat’s droppings.

* (To all editors reading this, the upper casing is permissible in this case!)

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