Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cooking again!

What can I tell you – we’re back in the kitchen again!

Actually, to be fair, it’s only really me that’s back; Kevin could always be cajoled into rustling something up on the days we were too bored to eat the usual. His pesto – with walnuts, since pine nuts are too expensive for their own good – is rather good, though he will persist in fiddling with it continually…

So, yesterday, we made Prawn Balchao from Tushita Patel’s book Flash in the Pan, which turned out interesting. I missed the colour and mellow tartness that come from the tomatoes usually in balchao. This was like a light prawn pickle, the way cucumbers are pickled as Oriental side dishes (or things to keep you quiet in restaurants till the chef gets your food on the table). Tasty enough with rice and dal, though spiky with the vinegar.

BTW – or B T dubs, as Radhika in my office likes to put it – at just
Rs 250, this is a good buy of a book. I should know, I have a cupboard full of cookbooks. I can never see a cookbook on sale or being discarded without bringing it home, and poring over the pages, and getting hungrier and hungrier, and increasingly more dissatisfied with perfectly good simple ghar ka khaana.

But be warned, there is not one photograph in it, and usually, not being able to see how what I’m cooking should look like quite puts me off. Not this time, she has a great commentary going, and you get the confidence from that to not care worry about the lack of visuals.

Along with the Prawn Balchao, we made Tushita's cucumber salad, elevated from the usual by the dressing of olive oil, vinegar, sugar and salt. Startlingly interesting.

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