Monday, March 14, 2011

All hail the queen of madness!

So, this is the week that demands issue closing, Zach's exams and the breaking in of a new maid.

Issue closing seems like a doddle when you have to somehow coax pertinent facts about Work and Energy out of an almost 12-year-old who feels that his contribution to our joint learning should lie in asking difficult questions every four seconds. Or when you secretly agree with his argument (to the tuition teacher, no less) about why he needs to learn math (yeah, yeah, I know all about the everything-in-the-universe-revolves-around-math theory)...

On the bright side, the math exam is over today. I am expecting dismal results -- but I cannot be bothered after the event. (One thing Zach has not learnt about me is that I don't usually care about the `after', just that the `leading up to' be diligent.)

On the even brighter side, I am learning things in history and geography that will hold me in good stead at issue planning meetings. I might be able to stop looking thoughtful so much of the time and actually contribute something of relevance instead.

Someone asked me recently what the major difference between working with Femina and with Lonely Planet Magazine India has been. It is this: You cannot wing it in LPMI as you could in Femina. In Femina, by virtue of being a woman, you were entitled to -- and did -- have an opinion and emotion on any issue. I can often not have an inkling about things (even things as big as countries) in LPMI without doing some surreptitious research on the net. But then, we cannot all be Vardhan.

And Radhika, for you: math, not maths.

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  1. What things of relevance have you learned? Let me know, so I can pretend to be wise, too.

    Also, the 'math' is much appreciated (apart from being correct usage).


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