Friday, February 25, 2011

To write...definitely

Sometimes, I tire of the idea that I must write only when a story is due. Like when I've travelled for the magazine. Taking all those wonderful experiences -- and even some not-so-pleasant memories -- and tranforming them into a story that is worth someone else's while to read is a great responsibility. One I feel agonisingly acutely. And one that will not let me sleep till the story is done. Yes, I am the sort who wakes up at three to write if a deadline looms - 20 days on. Or stays up till three if the story is due.

Perhaps it is because I don't write often any more. That thought came to mind as I sat through a sermon at mass yesterday at Mangalore's Infant Jesus Shrine. The priest delivered a well-thought-out, well-crafted, almost-gramatically perfect (yeah, yeah, it is important to me) sermon on being kind. It led me to think of how few well-worked-on sermons I have heard over the years. To realise that perhaps if I had to deliver a sermon (or in this case, a blog post) every week, I would be more careful about being well-read, well-written, more consistent. Updating this blog regularly would also fulfil a requirement that my career guru Nicholas Brett says is important: to be active over many media.

So a new resolution almost two months into the new year: I will update this blog more often. Having someone else also read what I write would be great, so do feel free to sign up as a guinea pig. I don't know how that works, but will figure it out.

Cheers to more writing -- and reading!


  1. And I believe, I have the same symptoms - perhaps inherited from you, Prima... :) After all, I was your Baby back then at Femina!
    Femina days - come to think of it - we did have a fair share of fun!

    Not too sure if I could put it all on your blog, but going sligthtly off the topic of your writing and deadlines, which you instilled in me better than "very well" (yes, it's something I owe you, and something I take pride in at my work even today)... I remember those days when:
    *We walked in Bombay floods through COlaba..
    *The days of going to visit Kevis at the studio - where I would make myself scarce and wonder what I should be doing here?
    *Shopping to get more "femina-like" and less "sloppy school gal-like"
    *Press conferences - and dressing up for events hosted by Amitabh bachhan ;)
    *Lonavala trip
    *Guy troubles - hahahahaha! we had a fair share!
    * Your wedding dress trials (thanks to you, I joined Rama Bans and am still a fitness freak - and married - thankfully - to one! )
    *Crossing the road with MY tummy jutting out when you were pregnant
    * Zach :)
    Gosh! looks like suddenly, I've been with you through almost all your life :)
    And have enjoyed it!
    Look forward to reading more from you...

  2. Ari my love,
    You remain as sweet (and complimentary, even when undeserved) as ever.


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