Saturday, February 26, 2011

Balls to bribery!

In Std VI, pre-teen angst about school, the need to study, the `boringness' of the need to study have all kicked in with Zach. It is particularly irritating because we have proof that he is very bright (and no, I’m not saying that because I am his mother; I have it the proof, as we say in our grammatically-superior office). So we are now working with `auditory and visual learning styles’, something we call `brain-stamping’ (essentially reading once last thing at night, and once again on waking) and… bribery.

I have a calendar, a BBC Good Homes one. I started out writing important days-to-remember on it, but now, it has deteriorated into a sea of balls. Yes, little balls made with permanent marker (a permanent part of my organising arsenal). We have worked out a system – one ball for 70% in a class test or assignment, two balls for 70% in a unit test paper, four (!!!) balls for 70% in an exam paper. Also one ball lost for each remark in the school calendar. What do the balls equal to?

20 balls = 1 Beyblade. 100 balls = 1 Beyblade carrier.

I did not think I would be drawing too many balls when I began. Then in these unit tests, out of eight papers, Zach got two balls each for six papers! Balls to people who don’t believe in bribery. I don’t; I call it incentivisation.

Btw, the ball system helps in father-son bonding too. I didn’t realise how many times Kevin saying, “Zach, soon you won’t have place in your undies!” could draw laughter.


  1. I didn't even know you had a blog. I will try and follow it if somehow whenever you update it, you post of facebook. I like following friends and relatives blogs and I do miss you lots and lots.

    As for bribery, and bargaining. Works a charm. I think people who say you shouldn't do it, don't have kids, or have been fortunate to have nice placid ones. We follow the shouting bribing parenting style!!!!

  2. Hey Vaneeta,
    Great to hear from you! Yes, I too think the time has come to `follow' family. Otherwise, life does seem rather a routine of work and schoolwork. Have been worrying and marvelling at your stoic handling of the weather vagaries in Tamworth. I'm not sure I would have done so well. Hang in there, girl! On the day I was leaving Adelaide, there was a warning for a two-week bad-weather front coming in, and a locust warning! Freaky! Say hi to Tom from me, and give the babies a hug.

  3. Hahahahaa. Prima, to hear you swear!


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