Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking on acidity

It is now official. I have declared a war on my acidity and since I HATE the taste of antacids, and the idea of being dependent on them, I will be waging my battles with food (or sadly, lack of it).
This is what I cannot eat:
* Onions
* Garlic
* Tomatoes
* All citrus elements (goodbye to the fresh lime soda I always ordered in restaurants)
* Mint flavourings
* Fried foods
* Spicy foods
* Chocolate
* Drinks with caffeine and alcohol
Of these, the only ones I honestly don't care about are chocolate and caffeine and alcohol... So there. The battle lines are drawn.

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  1. So we're on the same side of the battle lines... try small, frequent meals that will keep the acid factory busy. Drink plenty --- as in PLENTY --- of water to literally dilute the acid. Think of spony food that will soak up the acid... bread and murmura (puffed rice) work for me!


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