Sunday, June 22, 2008

The budget Peking Duck...

is Crispy Aromatic Lamb! Had heard so much from Shaila (the office gourmet Parsi, along with Diana) about the duck pancakes at Royal China (near Sterling, where Caravan used to be), that I wanted to roll my own. But when Kevin and I went there on a somewhat dull evening, the price of Rs 1,250 for a half duck portion threw that particular longing straight out the window.
Next revelation from Shaila: The Crispy Aromatic Lamb (Rs 350) rolls up just as well. And so it does! There's something about picking a pancake from the steamer basket, spreading it with plum sauce, laying shredded lamb across, arranging a few choice pieces of cucumber and spring onion on it, and then rolling it up that makes for great finger food. Of course, Zach will do it with the smoked shredded chicken and cucumber (hold the plum sauce, Mama!) and enjoy it just as well.

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  1. Well, this reads like a talk off Nigella Lawson's show! GRIN. And I must confess, after reading your 'Duck Tales', I AM drooling (let us not recollect the heated disussions we--Sej, Ush, you and I--used to have on vegetarianism!)
    Signing off... fishetarain from Kolkata


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