Friday, December 07, 2007

Zach's take on Harry Potter -- in a school essay at the age of 8 and a half years -- I take no responsibility for the spellings

"My favourite movie is Harry Potter and the sorcerer of the stone. Harrys father died actualy because he was old and a snake bit him. His mother died when he was a baby boy since she had a heartattack when Hogword came to say that Harry would be a Wizard When he grows older. Before they died they made a magic coat for harry. Luckily Hogword took Harry away away from the snake but the snake was Harry freind. It was a wizard who got trapped. Then the wicked masters son made fun of the wizard so the wizard cast a spell and he was trapped. Once he was out and Harry was locked in his room. Then his freinds came to rescue him. That is why it is my favourite movie."

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Prima, after all those years at Femina (and with a Dep. Editor like you), I still CANNOT (even remotely) write like him! :) God bless THE ZACH. Miss those 'crafty-Saturdays' with him (no pun intended).
    Love, Bhavana (a.k.a 'Baavena'... courtesy Zach)


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