Friday, December 07, 2007

Essay on My Class Teacher -- courtesy Zach D'Souza -- and no, I cannot explain why some sentences go with others

My class teacher

Miss Ray is my class teacher. She is sweet.

Whenever we forget to get our things, she helps us and give us what we need then we do it. She writes on the board for us to see properly. She explains to us. She gives us homework. She gives us stars.

I like my teacher because she helps us, and she is a sweet person.

This year, she told me to explain and make my project about trains.

I wish when she will die, she'll be in heaven. This year, she was a judje.

She lets us go out in the break instead of studying.

She borrows some periots for us to complete.

I think she is one of the best teachers in whole of Campion

In the library she tells us stories she even distributes them.

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